Have the Summer Blues?

It is finally July and summer is in full swing. You may be thinking to yourself, why I am still depressed? In the summer time people are often planning vacations, going to holiday picnics and doing outdoor activities. So what could you be doing differently in order to get rid of the summer blues?

People often do the same things all of the time. You work, maybe go to school, take care of the children, or aging parents. The bottom line is that you have been neglecting yourself. Ask yourself this question. What are my hobbies? Do I make time to do things that I find fun and exciting? If the answer is no, you make be on track to find out why you have the “summer blues.”

In order to fight the summer blues, start by looking at what is going on in the city around you. Summer time is often a good time to make new friends and start participating in new activities. There is often summer book clubs, boot camps for exercise, and other opportunities to meet people in the community around you.

You may surprise yourself and discover that you have met a lifelong friend. You may be saying to yourself, I am really shy, I just can’t leave the house to go anywhere. The best way to overcome this is to push yourself out of the house.  The best way to overcome fears is to face them. Make a commitment to do something different. You may find that afterwards the summer blues have faded away.