Tips for a Better Night Sleep

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The time comes in everyones life when you just can’t fall asleep. Maybe you suffer from insomnia on a regular basis. The sleep tips below should help you get a better night’s sleep.

1. Get out of bed the same time everyday including the weekends. Get up even if you
have not slept well the night before.

2. Use your bedroom for sleep. Don’t exercise, watch tv or work on the computer in
your bedroom. Your bedroom should be for sleep.

3. Practice relaxation techniques at bedtime. Meditation, focused breathing, and
progressive muscle relaxation can help you to fall asleep.

4. Do not take naps if you have trouble sleeping.

5. Exercise 3-6 hours before bedtime. This will improve your sleep by causing a rise
and fall in your body temperature.

6. Increase your exposure to sunlight. This has been shown to assist with your sleep

7. See a therapist and learn to use CBT to help you to reduce your negative thoughts
about sleep loss. If you wake up and think “This day is going to be terrible, I did not sleep.” This thought process puts you in a negative mood and sets the stage that
negatively affects your daytime functioning.

8. Short term insomnia develops into long term insomnia when worrying about your
lack of sleep, spending a lot of time in bed, and waking up at different times.

9. Wind down before bedtime. Create a regular routine that tells your mind that you are getting ready for bed. Listen to light music or read a physical book. The light on tablets can cause wakefulness.

10. Listen to your body and seek out professionals when needed if insomnia becomes a regular habit for you